Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LeBron James promises a huge celebration in Las Vegas if Liverpool wins ... - (blog)

LeBron James promises a huge celebration in Las Vegas if Liverpool wins silverware

Nearly a year ago Miami Heat superstar LeBron James made an agreement with Fenway Sports Group, owners of Liverpool FC, to get a minority share in the Merseyside club.

Liverpool are always a team to follow in the English Premier League however despite their prestigious history in English football, the club has failed to live up to their expectations for a long time and the high hopes of securing a Premier League title still remains a dream.

This year though, they have been given additional incentive by James, who has promised to host a huge part in Las Vegas if his team is able to bring silverware to the Merseyside. According to British Newspaper ‘The Sun’ James said;

“I spent some time with Steven Gerrard and he is passionate about his team. Everybody in sport needs incentive and if the guys at Liverpool win something this year I will give them the best weekend of their life in Vegas.” LeBron added.

“ Kanye is in and trust me, nobody does Vegas like LeBron and Kanye. We will take them to places in Vegas 99 per cent of people don’t even know exist. There is Vegas and then there is Vegas.”

The Liverpool players will have their workout to make LeBron live up to his promise, as the start of this season has been not been ideal. Till now, Liverpool have secured only 1 point in their first three games.   They lost their season opener to West Bromwich Albion which was followed by a draw against the reigning English champions Manchester City and then a 2-0 loss at home to Arsenal.

Liverpool’s chances of winning the English title may appear as a long shot to many, but there were many who said the same about LeBron but last season, the Chosen One finally got his hands on the Larry O’ Brien trophy. Hunger, consistency and persistence were the things which finally bore fruit for James and he now hopes that the Merseyside do the same and return to their glory days.

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