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LeBron James Wants To Star In Space Jam 2


LeBron James has done a great job of restoring his image the last couple of years.  I guess winning a title and dominating the game of basketball will help win some fans back.  LeBron James might be winning more fans back as he answered some questions on Twitter and said he wants to star in Space Jam 2.

RT @Parletoo: @KingJames do you love space Jam ?(I love that movie. Wish I could do Space Jam 2!)

The kid in me wants this to happen, but I am not sure how logical that it is.  I  mean, the original was just bad and I am saying that as a guy who will watch whenever it comes on TV.  Adding LeBron to it won’t make it better and there is no logical way to have a plot.

It would probably make some box office money and there have been dumber movies that have been made.  Space Jam 2 would not set the world on fire, but people would show up to watch the Miami Heat forward star in the movie.  Of course, they would endlessly compare it to the original and say how LeBron James still can’t stack up to Michael Jordan.  That is just the way it goes, I guess.

We will see if this idea ever comes to fruition.  I am sure a movement will start to bring the movie back for a sequel.  If LeBron wants to star in it, it sounds like an idea that might be able to make a few bucks for a studio.

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