Monday, May 28, 2012

Miami Heat are 8-point favorite tonight - USA TODAY (blog)

The oddsmakers are making the Miami Heat a huge favorite tonight against Boston.

How heavy?

Well, the 8-point spread is the second largest in a opening playoff game since 1997 writes Ashton Grewal of

NBA PLAYOFFS:  D-Wade playing with no doubts

Handicapper Marc Lawrence charts 10 games since 1991 when a favorite was a 7.5-point or higher favorite. Only one team lost.

That was the 2009 Cleveland Cavaliers starring LeBron James. The Cavs also lost that series to Orlando.

1997: Bulls 12.5 favorite vs. Heat. Bulls win 84-77

1992: Bulls 8.5 favorite vs. Cavaliers. Bulls win 103-89

2009: Cavaliers 8.5 favorite vs. Magic. Cavs lose 107-106

1993: Suns 8 point favorite vs. SuperSonics. Suns win 105-91

1997: Jazz 8 point favorite vs. Rockets. Jazz win 101-86

1991: Bulls 7.5 favorite vs. Pistons. Bulls win 94-83

1992: Blazers 7.5 favorite vs. Jazz. Blazers win 113-88

1996: Bulls 7.5 favorite vs. Magic. Bulls win 121-83

1996: SuperSonics 7.5 favorite vs. Jazz. SuperSonics wins 102-72.

2008: Lakers 7.5 favorite vs. Spurs. Lakers win 89-85

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